University of Arkansas - Open Senior Linux Cluster Admin Position

The Arkansas High Performance Computing Center seeks a Senior Linux Cluster Administrator. The Arkansas HPC Center provides high-end computing and data storage resources to researchers at the University of Arkansas, the region, and the state. Technical staff provide support services as well as conduct research and development activities in programming tools and environments and middleware access, with the goal of improving the research capabilities in computational science and engineering and data-driven science. We anticipate substantially expanding our computational and storage resources in the coming months for an aggregate capability of 50TFlops or more and 200TB of primary storage.

The selected candidate must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent and five or more years of relevant professional experience, including three years experience in production Linux/Unix administration, and other specific experience. Preferred qualifications include a Master’s degree in computer science, a computational science field, or equivalent. For a complete job description please see the human resource posting.